Our Philosophy

Landmark Consulting helps you build your brands as a means to building your business long-term.

We believe that a good brand is like a landmark: it claims a unique space, is well-known, endures, and everything else on the map seems to arrange itself around it.

Clients say …

"I keep my Brand Backbone under the glass on my desk. Every time someone pitches me a new idea, we look together to see if/how it supports our strategy. If it doesn't, it's out. If it does, and it makes sense, it's in. For the most part, people have stopped bringing me ideas they know won't pass my 'Backbone Test,' which saves time and resources better spent on on-strategy work."

Clients say …

"We thought we were hiring Jennifer and the Landmark team to help us figure out more places to take the brand. But the real value turned out to be out to be identifying all the things we were doing that were getting in our own way. Now, we're doing about half as many marketing activities, with almost exactly twice the success."

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