Getting There

Just as no two challenges are exactly the same, neither can the best approach be a “one-size-fits-all” process.  So, we will first learn about your business, your goals, your competitive and internal challenges, and the unique strengths your brand has already developed to meet these challenges.  

Commonly, our projects include the following broad steps:

Where are we now?   Brand Analysis

This deep-dive look at where we are now can include interviews at all levels of the company, an analysis of the business fundamentals and how we are meeting or missing opportunities, a review of all available primary and/or secondary research, competitive analysis, and more.  Most organizations already have the knowledge they need, but no one has taken the time to put all of the puzzle pieces in one place before.

Where are we going?   Landmark Brand Backbone

The Brand Backbone is an overall strategy document for the brand.  First, the fundamentals:  exactly how is the brand sustainably different and more desirable than any competitive brand?  Who is the primary target audience for the brand?  How can fundamentals like pricing and distribution support the brand’s point of differentiation?  Then we lay out the management, spending, communication and other strategies that keep everything in alignment.

What is the best way to get there?  Landmark BrandPlan

The BrandPlan serves as a blueprint for the construction of a Landmark Brand.  This execution plan focuses on what we can and will commit to doing this month, this quarter, this year to build towards Landmark Brand status.  What resources can and will we commit to this effort?  Who will do what, and on what timetable? This is all agreed upon and outlined in this critical step of the project

Again, this is just to give you an idea of how a project might go.  If your brand already has a strong body of research, the Brand Analysis period can be significantly shortened.  If you are sure you are already on the right strategic path, you may only need assistance building an on-strategy marketing plan.  Landmark will work with you where you are, and will work with what you have, to help you meet and exceed your objectives.